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Here's to Great News

The San Diego Community Newspaper Group is dedicated to serving local coastal communities of San Diego. Including La Jolla, University City, Pacific Beach, Mission Beach, Ocean Beach and Point Loma

Delivered to 62,000 homes in our communities every week, we offer our readers the local news they need. We provide our advertisers with total market coverage.

  • Papers are published by San Diego Community Newspaper Group, Inc. and distributed to residences and businesses on Thursdays.
  • Beach & Bay press and Peninsula Beacon are published every other Thursday. La Jolla Today is published every other Friday.
  • Beach & Bay press, Peninsula Beacon and La Jolla Today are adjudicated papers of general circulation by the Superior Court of California in and for the City/County of San Diego.

All papers are audited by CVC.

Julie Main

Beach & Bay Press Editor
Tom Melville

Peninsula Beacon Editor
Tom Melville

La Jolla Village News Editor
Blake Bunch

Reporters and Contributors
Dave Schwab, Bart Mendoza, Diana Cavagnaro, John Fry, Judith Garfield, Kai Oliver-Kurtin, Loralee Olejnik, Neal Putnam, Natasha Josefowitz, Sandy Lippe, Nicole Sours Larson, Scott Hopkins, Marsha Kay Seff, Keith Antigiovanni, Morgan Carmody, Patricia Walsh, Linda Marone, Frank Sabatini Jr., Sharon Ann Hamilton.

Don Balch, Paul Hansen, Jim Grant, Sharon Hinckley and Mike McCarthy

Retail Display Advertising
Mike Fahey, Michael Long, Heather Long, Alice Tong, Kim Donaldson, Rick Santos, and Gabe Vasquez

Classified Manager
Heather Long

Production/Art Department
Chris Baker, Barbara Rogel

Heather Humble


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Opinion Page

The opinion pages are meant as an open forum for expression. The views expressed in the Letter to the Editor and editorials within this paper are not necessarily the views of this paper, nor those of the staff. Letters to the Editor are encouraged. Please include a signature and phone number for verification only. We will verify authenticity of each Letter to the Editor. We are not responsible for the contents of each letter. We reserve the right to exclude any Letter to the Editor, or to edit its contents for length and prevention of libel, or for other reasons as seen fit by the editor. Letters should not exceed 350 words.

Please send letters to:
1621 Grand Ave., Ste C
San Diego, CA 92169

Advertising Deadlines

  • Display Advertising Space Reservations must be made by the Friday prior to publication date
  • Ad copy must be received by the Friday prior to publication date

Delivery Complaints

Call Sun Distributing by phone at (858) 277-1702 or by FAX at (858) 277-7544.