Young Engineers Winter Camp

posted by reubenHfleet


10:00 PM
Monday, December 30 - Friday, January 3


Reuben Fleet Science Center, 1875 El Prado, San Diego, CA 92101


Grab your hard hat and join us for full-day camps devoted to the science of engineering and construction.  Engineer tall towers, wide bridges and super strong pyramids!  Tinker with simple machines to make your own crazy contraption.  Let your creativity go wild! School’s out for winter break, and there’s no better place to spend the days than at the Fleet for fun days dedicated to hands-on science explorations for Grades 1–2 and 3–4. Sign up for one, multiple or all five days, and make sure to check out our Young Engineers camp the following week! To register, please contact our Client Services Department at 619-238-1233, ext. 806. Members $45/day, nonmembers $50/day.

Monday, December 30: " Mega Structures"–– Use the KEVA planks in our “Block Busters” exhibition to design the tallest tower or build the longest bridge. Return to the classroom to build castles, boats and super-strong pyramids out of unexpected materials.

Tuesday, December 31: "Invention Day”–– Don’t miss the pre-New Year’s count down at 12:00pm—campers will invent their own noise makers and flashing devices to bring in the New Year!  After the party, campers will invent a solution to the egg drop challenge!

Wednesday, January 1: " Motion Commotion”–– Discover how to build wind-powered boats, balloon-powered cars, chemical-powered rockets and much more. No electricity required!

Thursday, January 2: "Tinkering Day”–– Have you ever wondered how a toaster toasts or what a computer looks like on the inside? Get ready to disassemble and tinker with household objects in this hands-on class.  Tools provided – just bring your imagination!

Friday, January 3: "High Flying Creations”–– Take your imagination to new heights by engineering planes, gliders and rockets.  Make object soar high the sky and learn the art of floating objects using wind tunnels.