Home improvement program with SDSU closer to fruition
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As we, very slowly move toward easing of stay-at-home orders, I believe even the slow pace begins to shed a small light at the end of a very grim tunnel. 

Social distancing and facemasks will continue to protect for some time but even with these precautions in place, I’ve noticed many more of my neighbors out walking the neighborhood. Pleasant conversations from our yard with neighbors that we typically rarely see, walking on the street, have provided opportunities to get to know people a little better and come closer, socially. Walk around your neighborhood. Stop and notice flowers and trees that grace our neighborhoods. Maybe, notice where we might need to plant more trees that will make these walks a little more pleasant. That might put a bee in your bonnet to get involved and encourage neighbors to plant those trees or get involved with programs to plant more trees along our streets. 

Take a look at your community, neighborhood or block, whatever. How can it be made better? How can you get involved to help accomplish that? We have been given an opportunity, if you will, to take the time and take stock of our situations, whether they be related to family, home or community. 

Several years ago, several colleagues on the College Aare Community Council board and I had an idea to work with the SDSU, Associated Students’ Campus Community Commission to find neighbors in our community that could use help with sprucing up their homes. The primary focus would be homes of elderly residents who may not have the resources, either financial or physical to maintain their properties. This would help students obtain the community service credits they need for graduation and the community. 

The CACC allocated funds for supplies (gloves bags, possible some tools, etc.) in their budget to get things going but we needed to get liability insurance. We could not because we were not a registered 501c3 non-profit entity. We have accomplished that and the CACC budgeted funds and are now looking into getting that insurance. 

Hopefully, things will improve and students will be back on campus in the fall, at which point we hope to finally get this partnership of the Associated Students and the community off the ground. Stay tuned and get involved. Help us help our neighbors.

The CACC has begun holding its regularly scheduled meetings, both board and committee. They will be held via video-conferencing on Zoom so look for the announcements and join in and watch your neighbors in action, working for the betterment of community. If you are not on our e-mailing list, please go to our website, collegearea.org and sign-up. 

Our community plan update is moving forward. The plan will lay out our visions and plans for our community for the next 10, 20, 30 years or more. Be a part of it. Your input is extremely valuable in shaping the growth of our area. There will be many opportunities for the community to provide input to the committee/city. Take advantage of these. Stay informed. Contrary to the old adage, in this situation; ignorance is not bliss.

Jose Reynoso is president of the College Area Community Council.

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May 17, 2020
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