It’s official, City’s new scooter regulations to start July 1
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Electric scooter riders head north up the boardwalk near Thomas Avenue in Pacific Beach. / Photo by Thomas Melville
Electric scooter riders head north up the boardwalk near Thomas Avenue in Pacific Beach. / Photo by Thomas Melville
On May 14, the City Council unanimously approved the new electric scooter regulations, which will go into effect July 1.

The new rules will decrease the allowable speed of electric scooters from 15 to 8 mph on the boardwalk, and to 3 mph in high-traffic areas with the use of geofencing technology. Scooters are to be banned from parking near hospitals, schools, near Petco Park, and on the boardwalk. Electric scooters and bikes are prohibited from riding on city sidewalks.

Key components of the regulations include:

·Speed limits: In specific geofenced areas, operators will slow scooters to 8 mph. Three of the geofenced areas are pedestrian-only and operators will slow scooters to 3 mph with a push message notifying riders to leave that area.

·Geofencing will be in effect for beach-area boardwalks, Balboa Park, NTC Park, Mission Bay Park, Petco Park and the pedestrian-only locations, including North/South Embarcadero, MLK Jr. Promenade, and La Piazza della Famiglia.

·Staging: Operators will no longer be able to stage scooters and e-bikes on sidewalks in downtown. The City has identified – and is currently installing – 330 on-street dockless parking corrals throughout downtown where staging is allowed.

·In the beach areas, operators are only permitted to stage in groups of up to four, with 40 feet in between each group. The City will identify corral locations in the beach areas and, once installed, will require their use.The City also will conduct an evaluation of locations throughout San Diego where designated parking corrals would be beneficial and, working with the City Council and communities, install more.

·Rider parking: Operators will prohibit riders from ending a ride in specific geofenced areas, including beach area boardwalks.

·Education: Consistent messages about local and state laws in smartphone applications will be required. As will on-device labeling about age requirements and how riding on the sidewalk is illegal.

·Per device fee: A per device fee of $150 annually will be assessed. A reduction of $15 per device will be offered for operators offering a qualified equity program.

·Equity programs may include discounts, equitable distribution, credit-card free unlock or mobile-device free unlock.

·Data sharing: A variety of data will be shared about ridership, parking, paths of travel and more to assist the City in transportation planning, Climate Action Plan reporting and enforcement.

·Indemnification/insurance: Operators will be required to indemnify the City from liability and to hold a $2 million per occurrence, $4 million aggregate and $4 million umbrella insurance policy.

·Performance bond: Each operator will be required to pay a “Safety Deposit” – $65 for each device in fleet – to be held in the event the company leaves the market without its devices. 

The ordinance will charge dockless companies an annual $150 per-device fee. The City noted that should act as a de facto cap on scooter numbers.

“If we could do a rewind, I would have banned this entire thing from the city from the start without regulation,” District 2 Councilmember Dr. Jen Campbell said previously.

District 1 Councilmember Barbara Bry said she plans to propose an ordinance to ban electric scooters from the boardwalk.
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George Wrentmore
May 21, 2019
The final analysis.....HOW MUCH REVENUE CAN THE GOVT SQUEEZE OUT? . I'VE NEVER USED A SCOOTER..DON'T KNOW HOW ! But it seems that taxi's etc would be deprived. Personally..if I knew how to use one of these...I'd sure do it



...WHAT'S NEXT ...AN AIR TAX ?THE ILLITERATE VOTERS HERE VOTED TO RETAIN THE ALREADY ABUSIVE GAS TAX..for all intents and purposes......that sent a message to Gov Dirt..."the people voting here are 10 degrees South of can do ANYTHING YOU CHOOSE"..stick it to them
May 15, 2019
Will this be enforced? I’m doubtful.

Riding escooters on the sidewalk and multiple riders on a single escooter are already illegal, yet I’ve never seen law enforcement react to these common occurrences.
Legal Genius 1965
May 21, 2019
No, nothing will be enforced. Police have already said they don't have the manpower to enforce the new regulations and that they have been told by their higher ups that ticketing these infractions is very low priority.
Craig in PB
May 14, 2019
Typical SD City politics - Ready, Shoot, Aim. I think that this is a start - of course, all of the policing seems to be done via the operators via their technology. What recourse are we going to have if they aren't following the speed limits? As a parent to an 8 year old - I would love them being banned on the boardwalk - it is so unsafe with all the joy riders now - we watched 2 kids aged 10 zooming in and around walkers, cyclists, strollers, seniors etc.
Beteur Dawler
May 15, 2019
Why they would allow motorized devices on something called a board WALK?

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