Peninsula planners support enhanced law enforcement at Sunset Cliffs
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Runners and walkers pass by a police vehicle at Sunset Cliffs. THOMAS MELVILLE/PENINSULA BEACON
Runners and walkers pass by a police vehicle at Sunset Cliffs. THOMAS MELVILLE/PENINSULA BEACON

In October Peninsula Community Planning Board approved drafting a letter supporting enhancing safety and law enforcement at Sunset Cliffs Natural Park.

PCPB board member Mandy Havlik presented photos depicting problems at the popular SCNP.

“The Sunset Cliffs community has been dealing with some significant issues with visitors,” Havlik said. “There has been lots of partying and trash, alcohol, and drug use are being witnessed, people camping overnight and there’s a lot of graffiti and the signs in the park have been vandalized several times. That seems to be a continual issue that needs to be addressed.”

Added Havlik, “The park at night is closed and what happens is the dark of night tends to bring a cover for people who are not being respectful of the park. We’ve had parties and raves that have been going on in the park after-hours. And due to the danger of trying to get down the cliffs, the park ranger and the police have not been able to access the beach in the evening because there’s a safety issue there for them.”

Havlik then asked PCPB to consider drafting a letter supporting a recent Sunset Cliffs Natural Park Council letter to the City.

“The SCNPC is asking for an increase in law and lifeguard enforcement throughout the park including at pocket beaches and canyons and caves, establishing a curfew for the hillside section of SCNP from one hour after sunset to one hour before sunrise,” she said. “Due to the increased activity at SCNP, increasing calls for emergency services including cliff rescues, large parties with alcohol and drug use, loud music and yelling, and the trash left behind, SCNPC recommends that street parking on the west side of Sunset Cliffs Boulevard in the parking lots be closed from two hours after sunset, until one hour before sunrise, including any accessible pocket beaches.”

“It’s obviously a precious natural resource for Point Loma and really beyond us,” said acting PCPB chair Fred Kosmo of SCNP. “The pictures you’ve shown are absolutely true. It’s a natural resource that needs to be protected.”

“I couldn’t agree more,” concurred PCPB board member Sarah Moga Alemany who lives in the cliffs area. “It’s always been frustrating with the parties, but since COVID it is so grotesquely out of control, so disrespectful, so unbelievable. It’s people partying here at night and using the streets and alleyways as a toilet … You pay a lot of money to own or rent here and the disrespect and the lack of law enforcement … I would have never moved here if I thought I’d ever had to deal with the things I see. I won’t even go on a weekend walk in the evening with my kids near the cliffs.”

“I don’t think it’s unreasonable to think that you should be able to take your kid for a walk along Sunset Cliffs at sunset,” added Kosmo.

“This is an action item every month to look at Sunset Cliffs on a holistic level to find opportunities to provide relief to the neighborhood including enforcement,” said Havlik. “Some of the options we’re discussing include a possible parking district in the area. We’re not done with Sunset Cliffs. We want to be here for the neighbors.

“These letters do help because they get put into the hands of the politicians that represent our district,” concluded board member Margaret Virissimo. “It’s just a step further to be your voice on this board.”



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Jack Flash Floyd
October 24, 2020
Why so many now and why so many who are disturbing the peace and harming the natural environment? Were these the people who were normally going to crowded bars before Covid? Was that how they were getting their rocks off before Covid? And now the only thing left is to trash the Cliffs neighborhoods? It's an infestation of human pests - varmints, much like the current executive, legislative and judicial branches of our federal government.

In all matters of criminal behavior, we should eradicate the offenders with the highest level of prejudice.
Scott Mac Laggan
October 21, 2020

Illegal rogue bikes and even motor bikes have been tearing up the trails and even off trail in the S.C.N.P. Hillside section with no enforcement due to the lack of required signage by City. Flickr photos:
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