Residents upset with oversized vehicles parking in Pacific Beach
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A truck with a huge camper parked in front of condos on Pacific Beach Drive.
A truck with a huge camper parked in front of condos on Pacific Beach Drive.
It’s been four years now since the City enacted a Neighborhood Parking Protection Ordinance meant to curb abuse by oversized and non-motorized vehicles taking advantage of free residential parking.

But at least one local resident, Lance Schmidt, claims the Oversized Vehicle Ordinance isn’t being properly enforced in Pacific Beach. As evidence, Schmidt cites the growing number of campers/trailers throughout the beach community’s streets, particularly around Campland on the Bay at 2211 Pacific Beach Drive.

“The situation, especially down here in PB, has become untenable,” contends Schmidt. “On-street parking is bad enough as it is. The owners of these motorhomes, recreational and oversized vehicles know that the ordinance is not being enforced. They know how to game the system.”

San Diego Police Department spokesman Lt. Brent Williams said, “Our shortage in staffing has not effected our enforcement effort of the Oversized Vehicle Ordinance.”

Acknowledging SDPD “has seen an influx of motorhomes in the beach area, specifically at Fiesta Island, South Shores and Mariner’s Point,” Williams noted Northern Division has confirmed that it has “impounded at least 10 motorhomes during the last three weeks out of these areas.”

Added Williams: “Police investigative service officers and the night beach team have been consistently doing enforcement since they’ve seen an increase. They will continue their enforcement, not only at the locations listed above, but any location in the division where citizen's complaints are received.”

Campland on the Bay’s vice president of operations, Jacob Gelfand, said he “recognizes that the City faces challenges related to overnight and long-term parking on city streets. When Campland’s staff become aware of violations, we inform the SDPD and they respond.”

Schmidt said there are problems other than parking and aesthetics with oversized vehicles.

"Some owners live in their motor homes, while some owners live in residences right next to where they flout the law,” he said.

Oversized vehicles are defined as vehicles, including any attached trailers, vehicles or loads thereon, that exceed 27 feet in length and 7 feet in height. Non-motorized vehicles include open and closed trailers with or without loads. 

Recreational vehicles are defined in the vehicle code as “any camp trailer, camper, trailer coach or house car” or “any boat, dune buggy, all-terrain vehicle or other motorized or towed vehicle designed, maintained or used primarily for recreational purposes.”

Recreational vehicle owners may obtain a permit allowing overnight parking. A permit is valid for one 24-hour period. The permit is valid only on the same block as the resident’s address.

Individuals must offer proof of residency in advance to purchasing the permit. Permit applicants — once confirmed by city staff — may purchase up to three consecutive permits (totaling 72 hours). 

Applicants may purchase up to 72 days of permits per year. 

For more information about obtaining permits for oversize vehicles, visit the City’s “Temporary Overnight Recreational Vehicle Permit” page at sandieogo.-gov/parking/permits.

If you have any questions or concerns about the ordinance, call the Parking Hotline at 866-470-1308 and press “0” for customer service, or email [email protected]

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Ben Jacobs
August 22, 2018
Come on Lt. Brent Williams, that is an out an out fabrication of the truth. SDPD is doing NOTHING to enforce this law.

Ben Jacobs
August 26, 2018
Completely. Lt. Brent Williams is fabricating the truth. I just saw 5 motor homes around our area that have been parked for days on end. Enforce the law!
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