Rock Church acquires Midway strip club property
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The Body Shop strip club at 3776 Riley St. in Point Loma.
The Body Shop strip club at 3776 Riley St. in Point Loma.
The Rock Church, along with a group of investors, has acquired The Body Shop strip club at 3776 Riley St. in Point Loma.

Church officials, Mayor Kevin Faulconer, Councilmember Lorie Zapf, San Diego Police and business dignitaries will hold a joint press conference at the property 11 a.m. Thursday, Aug. 2 to discuss the site’s purchase and future use.

“The purchase of this establishment is in alignment with our efforts to positively impact the City of San Diego,” said Miles McPherson, Rock Church senior pastor.“The Body Shop had been in continual operation in San Diego for 50 years before it closed in December to go on the market.”

McPherson noted the former adult establishment is “located in one of the busiest intersections in Point Loma, forcing parents to explain to their young children why there is a huge sign reading ‘Nude Girls.’”

Added McPherson, “When it became available, and we learned that other adult entertainment operators where trying to buy it to reopen it as a strip club, we thought we should get involved and provide something more beneficial to the residents of Point Loma.”

The Rock Church currently has 101 outreach ministries and 38 community partners committed to serving the needs of San Diego. 

Since the inception of Rock Church in 2000, the church leadership has seen targeting the sex industry as one of the church’s highest priorities. The church offers separate male and female groups helping people overcome porn and sex addiction, while partnering with groups helping women leave the sex industry.

Of the repurposing of the former strip club, McPherson, said: “We seek strategic ways to provide numerous positive resources to people who call San Diego home. We are not sure what we will do with the old Body Shop building, but you can rest assured it will never be a sex shop again. We invite anyone who is struggling with sex addiction in their life to take advantage of the resources offered through the Rock Church to find health and healing.”

Founded by former San Diego Chargers player, McPherson, the Rock Church has grown to become one of the nation’s largest and most diverse congregations. Today, Rock Church draws 20,000 attendees to its weekly services, through five campuses,18 microsites and multiple online services broadcasts.

The Point Loma campus of Rock Church is in a 244,000-square-foot building in Liberty Station, which includes office space and a 3,500-seat worship center.

Adjacent to the church is the Rock Academy, a private Christian school serving preschool through 12th grade with more than 400 students. 

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August 03, 2018
I'm glad Pastor McPherson is allowing me to rest assured that the building will never again contain a sex shop. Contemplating that potentiality was really messing with my sleep.

And I'm sure the anguish of parents having to explain to their children the context of "Nude Girls" in this situation was just unbearable.

"Daddy, why does that sign say nude girls?"

"Well son, some people pay to see women dance without their clothes on."

"Why would they do that?"

"Some people find that entertaining."

"Eww, I don't want to see a woman's butt!"


Faith Full
August 01, 2018
Hallelujah! Close the strip club and turn the building into a homeless outreach and day center. Those poor women in bondage to sex and pole-dancing should be offered opportunities to get out of the sleazy strip club scene and receive free job training skills and assistance to move on with their lives. We took one from Satan here with this purchase!
Just saying...
August 02, 2018
Those poor women? Do you even know any strippers? Job training skills? Most strippers are not helpless women who are forced into it, a lot of them have degrees. Most strippers are honest, good, strong women who don't judge people. They are better people than the ones who go to church every week and pretend they are better than everyone else.
Just asking...
August 03, 2018
So, "Just saying..."

How do you know this to be true?

I freely admit to not knowing anything about strippers.

How do you know that "most" are what you say they are?

In my life I have known exactly one x-stripper. (Or... at least only one that I know was an x-stripper).

Her life definitely did not fit your description.
Perspective . .
August 24, 2018
As a dancer, who holds a BFA degree after 6 years of college I can say a stripper especially in that area learns these skills; Customer service, Marketing, Communication, [if they end up dj'ing] Computer experience and sound engineering]. The other skills relates to what we get come tax season, 1099misc, which treats all independent contractors poorly; record/document/financial book keeping. There is a vast of skills a dancer ends up collecting if they do not have that prior from their high school programs/college programs.

You also must be mental/physically/emotionally strong cause of the strong stigma of dancers, or it is not the industry for that woman or even men. Pole work - It actually helps strength core muscles, and knowing how to put on a show while knowing one day you may end up with a work injury. It helps a good portion of women on being physically fit.

We have seen college students getting their degree ranging from associates, bachelors, even masters. Nurses, teachers, trainers, etc, comes through that door.

There is religious cultist who use both god/jesus's names in disguise to claim one cause is better than the other. It's better to co-exist knowing there is other issues than furthering a stigma on an industry that is honest to the people compared to a pastor and church who get tax cuts for running a religious organization, collecting donations to spend on themselves, covering up lawsuits or even news stories when a teacher in one of their branches of school or programs who have molested or even worse to another human being.

Karen Giffin
August 01, 2018
Thank you, Rock Church, my church! Every effort to eliminate this sort of influence in our community, and therefore in our world, is totally worthwhile. God bless those in my church who made this decision!
August 01, 2018
Robert Burns
August 01, 2018
I can see it now: "The Soul Stop". The insidious "Les Girls" remains nearly contiguous to it.
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