LETTER: Clairemont neighbor weights in on PLHS stadium lighting based on own experiences
by TOM FORD, Clairemont
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I was very interested to see the various reader responses that appeared in the Jan. 16 edition of The Beacon regarding the school district’s pursuit of a larger commercialized stadium at Point Loma High School, complete with 90-foot light towers and a new public-address system.

All I can say to my Point Loma friends is, “Wake up! You have no idea what’s coming!” As a Clairemont homeowner and neighbor of Clairemont High School, I know what I’m talking about. I have endured more than two years of what you’re about to get. With scant notice, the school district installed stadium light towers and a public-address system and the lives of my neighbors and I have been irrevocably changed. Yours will be, too.

The sounds of songbirds will be replaced by ear-splitting music during team practices. Prepare to shut all doors and windows during practices and events, but to no avail, since you’ll still hear the coaches screaming and the blaring PA system. You’ll be a prisoner in your own home on warm days and nights. Buses will barrel down your quiet residential streets rather than use less-intrusive routes. Lights will remain on into the night for days on end, no matter what they promise.

Being regularly subjected to this level of light glare, activity and extreme noise may turn out to be the worst experience you’ve had as a homeowner, for you’re no longer entitled to the comfort and enjoyment of your own property. The determination of our school district to steamroll more and more of San Diego’s residential neighborhoods with these unwanted “improvements” and the resulting clamorous atmosphere is shocking and should be stopped before more communities are destroyed in the process.

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