One for the ages: New company offering free meditation classes
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The negative health effects of stress, worry, fear and anxiety have for many years concerned modern society. Many say this is the fastest paced, most stressed period that humanity has ever experienced and that a spinning mind means spiraling health!

Chromosome sequencing is directly related to aging and becomes shorter over time, which affects the cells' ability to divide. A stressful event speeds this process up immensely. Many new studies now focus on ways to protect sequencing from the effects of stress; trials suggest that exercise, eating healthfully and social support help. But one of the most effective interventions, apparently capable of slowing this sequential erosion -- and perhaps even lengthening them again -- is meditation.

“Every stress,” noted holistic physician Deepak Chopra states, “leaves an indelible scar, and the organism pays for its survival after a stressful situation by becoming a little older.” His research with UCSD showed that four days of meditation practice led to an increase of 40 percent in telomerase, an enzyme that helps to slow the aging process.

According to Ester Castruita, founder of new La Jolla company Dharana Star, a new and local wellness company, this is where meditation excels.

“Everyone from scientists to athletes and celebrities,” she says, “are using meditation as a means of getting focused and centered on more positive, empowering thought patterns. Some have used meditation to help with everything from stress management, headaches and respiratory problems to cancer and coping with death.”

People who meditate just five to ten minutes a day and find a quiet place have shown to quickly achieve health benefits such as stress relief, slower heart rates, lower blood pressure, reduced oxygen consumption and lower lactic acid levels. It is seen as a crucial tool in treating mental illnesses such as depression and stress while it has also been shown to boost functionality of the immune system.

Dharana Star focuses on self-awareness and self-improvement, utilizing meditation techniques that bring serenity, peace and more happiness in daily lives. Ester Castruita teaches meditation classes for the company in La Jolla and throughout Southern California. Dharana Star, also offers live meditation online, meditation programs for corporations and the unique Inner Self Workout, which mixes neuroscience, psychology and meditation techniques to increase happiness level.

Ester is holding free meditation classes for beginners. She says everyone is welcome to participate and invites our community to visit her website for the schedule, location and RSVP at

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August 20, 2014
Thanks San Diego News! Science has discovered many benefits of meditation. It is very important for us who teach this wonderful tool to spread the word about the impact it has on our health, happiness and society as a whole. In informing people we can bring more awareness about the alternative ways of seeking health, peace, and happiness within. I want invite everyone to visit our website and book a free meditation class . We also have free live meditation on line class by Skype for those who can not come to La Jolla and want to connect with us. Peace and Joy! Ester Castruita
August 20, 2014
Ester, I am just starting this practice and practice makes perfect as it takes time to get it down. The results so far have been great for me in the morning and evening just to find quite space and time for myself. I look forward to attending your live meditation classes online or coming by the La Jolla Community Center.
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