Sarah Renee shares her 'special gift' to help others heal
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Sarah Renee
Sarah Renee
For someone who’s hung their shingle out as a psychic “medium,” Sarah Renee is surprisingly “earthbound.”

Seances aren’t her thing. She freely admits to “quacks” in her field. And she only charges clients if she succeeds in helping them communicate with those who’ve “crossed over.”

“I help people by connecting with the other side in order to bring them closure, clarity, peace of mind and purpose,” said Renee, a 31-year-old Arizona transplant who’s made Pacific Beach/La Jolla her new home. She’s a practicing, part-time psychic who’s worked about four years doing one-on-one and group readings, as well as “channeling” for those over the phone and on Skype.

Discussing her purported ability to communicate with the dead, Renee calls it a “really special gift.” She claims to be able to bring through messages from people who’ve died, as well as from a “higher consciousness” she refers to as the “Guides.”

Renee said there is indeed an “afterlife” with different “levels,” where existence continues.

“It’s like we go back to school to learn the lessons we didn’t learn when we were alive,” said Renee. She claims she’s learned from scores of readings that “conversation on the other side is telepathic. It’s really like we’re all souls. We don’t have bodies. We just float around as energy.

“They (Guides) say we (deceased) not only experience our own life review, but we feel all the feelings that we inflicted on others,” Renee continued. “If we were good, we experience the joy and reward we gave other people. If we were bad, we abused people or hurt them, we come to know the consequences of our actions, know how we impacted the world… We do have to answer. It’s just not in the form of instant judgment.”

Renee said she’s served a diverse range of people, from powerful CEOs, entrepreneurs and celebrities, to fire fighters, law enforcement, stay-at-home moms, troubled teens, young kids who’ve lost siblings or parents, ex-cons who are trying to get back on their feet, and everyone in between.

The way Renee operates is she “closes her eyes and centers herself,” just kind of “gets quiet inside.” Then, she “tunes into” a client’s “energy,” asking for someone to “come through” for her client’s “greatest and highest good.”

What do her clients want to know?

“Most people want to know their loved ones are OK,” Renee said. “Did they make it? Did they get in? Was it (death) painful?”

Do those on the “other side” wish to communicate back?

“A lot of people leave things unsaid, that’s the biggest lesson from the dead,” answered Renee. “They want to come through to tell the living, ‘I love you,’ or ‘I’m sorry.’ Whatever it is to help give them (client) closure. They don’t want us to suffer.”

Renee discussed one group reading she had with a man on the other side who died of alcohol complications.

“One of them (clients) missed him, the other hated him,” she said. “He came through and said there was no excuse (for him). He was sick. He’d had his own trauma from his childhood. He said, ‘Please don’t carry on my dysfunction.’ It ended up being really healing.”

Another time Renee did a reading between two sisters, one who took her own life over guilt they’d shared from sexual abuse. “She told her sister how sorry she was for leaving her, and that the abuse was not their fault and that she could heal, and get past it, and justice would be served,” said Renee.

Renee typically charges $90 for a session, which is usually done in half-hour increments with individuals, longer with groups.

She doesn’t advertise on Craigslist.

“I can just imagine the crazies I would get,” she said laughing, noting she does get excellent reviews from clients on Yelp, adding 90 percent of her clientele are personal referrals.

Of her occupation, Renee said, “It used to be scary, knowing certain things about people I shouldn’t.”

But she added she’s gotten over that. “I just thought I was weird as a kid, wasn’t normal. But I had people around me who were very supportive.”

Renee counseled others to explore their “gifts.”

“I encourage people to really learn what their gifts are — and embrace them,” she said.

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