Peninsulans rally to save Point Loma's Kellogg Beach
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Described by some as Point Loma's 'hidden beach,' Kellogg, also known as Mother's, is located behind Shelter Island in the La Playa area.
Described by some as Point Loma's 'hidden beach,' Kellogg, also known as Mother's, is located behind Shelter Island in the La Playa area.
There is now a fight going on to preserve Kellogg Beach in Point Loma. A group of Peninsulans are opposing a proposed condo conversion on the “hidden” bayside beach.

That has led to creation of a Facebook page listing subterranean parking, a seawall and the possible blocking of public access and bay views as major concerns about the project.

Between a petition to save the beach on, plus hand-collected signatures, nearly 4,000 people have registered their opposition in the past seven months to the coastal condo redevelopment.

“We've also established a account to help defray expenses in the fight to save the beach,” said Robert Tripp Jackson, a past president of the Point Loma Association, speaking on his own behalf.

Noting a “Save The Beach” account has been set up at Home Street Savings Bank on Rosecrans Street, Jackson added, “A coalition with four high-profile Peninsulans is being set up to oppose condos on the beach.”

Characterizing some aspects of the proposed beach condo redevelopment as “scary,” Jackson said underground parking, among other proposed changes, “would be extremely detrimental to that long stretch of beach, which has already suffered considerably from erosion, that is at least half a block long.

Described by some as Point Loma's “hidden beach,” Kellogg, also known as Mother's, is located behind Shelter Island in the La Playa area. It is a family beach and a popular area for boat watching.

The proposed condo conversion project, which fronts at 405 San Antonio Ave., was an information item at Peninsula Community Planning Board on Jan. 19. Project architect Mike Morton described the project site as being in a medium-density area surrounded by large, multi-family units and five single-family homes along the beachfront at the end of Lawrence Street.

“The project allows 13 to 20 units and we are proposing nine,” said Morton. “Rather than having a bulky building, we're breaking it down into five smaller buildings. There will be underground parking with 21 spaces.”

The La Jolla architect noted project amenities would include sustainable landscaping and use of photovoltaic (solar) power, along with an open view corridor and two elevators. He added the project takes into account anticipated future sea-level rise.

Peninsulan Howard Haimsohn, who is in the forefront of opposition to the condo redevelopment, noted this isn't your garden-variety project because of its location.

“This is what's considered to be a coastal beach,” said Haimsohn. “That is a significant issue because San Diego municipal codes do not allow you to build new development on coastal beach property. Coastal beaches have very special restrictions in place to protect the public's interests and rights when it comes to beachfront property.”

Haimsohn stressed public opposition to the proposed Kellogg Beach condo redevelopment isn't personal.

“We are not trying to restrict the developer's rights to build,” he said. “What we are trying to do is make sure every concern of the California Coastal Commission and the city's Development Services Department and all the various environmental agencies are met. We want to make sure everyone is heard clearly on this, and that all the codes are strictly adhered to. That's the public's expectation — and right. That's the main focus of what we're trying to do.”

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October 25, 2017
Nice that some locals in the condos across the street from the beach want to save their Bay views but how about pressuring the lazy Harbor Police to put down the donuts & drive over to issue citations to loose dog owners and OB drunks drinking booze on the beach?
natural harbor
October 02, 2017
San Diego Bay and this beach was created by men?! Talk about dishonest... Is Dan confused about the difference between San Diego Bay and Mission Bay?
Deidre Smith
October 01, 2017
I agree that Howard is primarily looking out for his own interests here. However, these condos are way out of place & being squished in, just like all the other over-sized, over-priced boxes now being built in La Playa. Too bad the Port of San Diego doesn't take time from closing beloved Anthony's and raping Seaport Village, to restore beautiful Kellogg's Beach, starting with the diminishing sand. The broken stairs and exposed rusty beach pipes are accidents & lawsuits waiting to happen.

Perhaps the local scofflaw dog-owners and drunks with paddle boards from over the hill will learn that "family-friendly" Mother's Beach should not have unleashed dogs, animal waste in the eroding sand and alcoholics with glass beer bottles getting sloshed on Sundays. As much as Save Kellogg Beach wants to portray their cause as noble, it would be much better to honestly drop the idyllic picture of Kellogg's, admit Howard doesn't want to lose his condo views and that ugly overbuilt condos are, unfortunately, the new bane to La Playa's existence.
Jose L. Ramos
October 02, 2017
Deidre, I think you make a lot of good points. Especially about the restoring of the beach which has been the responsibility of the Port and has not been attended to. I hate people who try to tell other people what to do with their property and make efforts to stop honest developers who are making a living. It must be very unpleasant for them. How would this Howard guy feel if someone starting to bad mouth his business all over the internet. Its sad. In terms of the condos being ugly or out of place, I do respectfully disagree but thats just a matter of taste and opinion I guess. It appears as though that is what the city wants for this area. I have been to the beach there for years and I can tell you more and more people have been showing up. It used to be more secluded but now it has been put on blast. Too bad.
Steven Hiassings
September 29, 2017
Why hasn't there ever been an effort from this Howard guy to protect that area and its erosion issues which have been happening for decades!!. Now that someone wants to excersice their property rights and build condos there its suddenly an issue. This lady who owns that house has had a fence out almost to the property line since forever....not the one there today but the previous one from 2016 and before....Access at high tide has always been an issue as far as I remember, I use the McCall access, way better. Now access is a problem??? Sounds dubious to me...I don't support this effort.

I live up the street and I support respect for people's property rights and I support new vs old. Just my two cents.
September 29, 2017
Did Howard at all disclose that is real motive for opposing this project is because his view will be obstructed once they are built? I find it very disturbing that people are trying to regulate what one person does with their own private property.
September 29, 2017
This is a disshonest effort everyone!!!..this person lives across the street and is looking to protect his view ONLY!! I have heard people say they heard HIM say that....

Also, this is a man made beach and it is not a coastal beach, thats ridiculous....its a bay made and created by men...I SUPPORT THESE CONDOS....We need newww neewwww newww in the peninsula....THESE WILL BE AWESOME....

Do not fund this effort, its disshonest and filled with misinformation....

Dan F.
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