A Dane now living in San Diego part 13
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Every day that goes cause me to just love San Diego more and more, and a part of me never wants to go back to Denmark. But even though San Diego is so much more exciting, exotic and beautiful than Denmark, there are still a couple of things that I miss about my home country.

One of the things I miss the most about Denmark is something that Americans hate the most, salt licorice. My biggest guilty pleasure is, without a doubt, salt licorice and, unfortunately, it is nowhere to be found in the United States. They have a type of salt licorice in Ikea, but it is still nothing like the Danish version.

Another typical Danish thing that I miss is the concept pick-and-mix candy. We have pick-and-mix candy stores on almost every street corner in my hometown, Aarhus, and Danish people love it. A typical Friday night for me involves either an evening with my friends out or movies and a big bag of pick-and-mix candy.

Except for things that include a lot of sugar, another Danish thing that I miss is rye bread. When Danish people go to another country, one of the first things many people start missing is rye bread. You can buy a shake-and-bake kind of rye bread in Ikea, and I know that some of my Danish friends that live in San Diego already emptied Ikea for rye bread several times.

Although I love cruising around on my turquoise beach cruiser, I also miss the bike culture in Denmark to a degree. One day, I had to ride my bike from Grand Avenue to Point Loma and it almost felt like a suicide mission. Riding your bike in the street is illegal in Denmark and I must admit that I also do prefer bike lanes.

But even though there are things that I miss about Denmark, I still think waking up to sun and a blue sky every morning, being surrounded by beautiful beaches and living the Californian lifestyle wins. I am going to stay here forever.

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Dorthe Schmidt
October 29, 2017
Hej Mathilde og velkommen til San Diego! En veninde har sendt mig artiklen, og jeg vil da lige fortælle, at du kan få lakrids, den salte af slagsen, i Worldmarket - det er ikke dansk, men hollandsk! Og for rugbrød, kan jeg varmt anbefale Trader Joe's i PB - de har en european multi grain, som smager ganske godt og som rugbrød! Jeg har altid nogle pakker i fryseren! Pas godt på med cykeln, og nyd dit ophold! Jeg har været her i 10 år med min famile! Med venlige hilsner fra Dorthe
October 31, 2017
Hej Dorthe

Tusind tak for din respons - det vil jeg undersøge!


Mathilde Rousseau Bjerregaard
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