Free-spirited Point Loma woman creates Wild Hearts & Halos
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Krystal Usher and Summer Zuidema model Wild Hearts & Halos signature headband line. / Photo by Angela Garzon, Create With Gusto 
Krystal Usher and Summer Zuidema model Wild Hearts & Halos signature headband line. / Photo by Angela Garzon, Create With Gusto 
Wild Hearts & Halos creator Krystal Usher. / Photo by Angela Garzon, Create With Gusto 
Wild Hearts & Halos creator Krystal Usher. / Photo by Angela Garzon, Create With Gusto 
Krystal Usher is a free-spirited wanderlust, destined to crisscross the globe crowning heads with her vibrant, turban-style halos. Wild Hearts & Halos, her signature headband line, combines fashion panache with “hair-style function.” Chic, colorful and full of Usher’s “travel” character, halos are individually named after celebrated habitats in hopes of inspiring everyone to journey God’s beautiful planet.

Passionate about trekking all over the world, Usher believes that “travel propels growth, ignites outward compassion, invites self-discovery, encourages community and sparks obsessions to life.”

“Travel molds us,” said the Point Loma resident. “And all travel should be done with the cutest and most functional hair accessories.”

Usher, a forever budding entrepreneur, is no stranger to juggling business with exploration. While owning and operating Dapper In A Day, an independent hairstyling business, she gave birth to Wild Hearts & Halos to fund a mission trip to Africa. Falling short of the necessary funds for teaching Christian Bible School, she designed turban headbands to sell on Facebook and Instagram. The response was so overwhelming – 80 – in “an instant.” She knew she “had something that could work really well.”

“I’ve always dreamed of owning a handmade product line,” she said. “I’m a creative. Creativity led me to crafting beautiful hair. Making halos just made sense. For the whimsical Bohemian, this is a stylish accessory that makes it easier to style your hair whether your travelling, working out or simply wearing as an accessory to a cute outfit.”

Usher’s creativity is her in her DNA. Her mother saw her “knack for hair” and urged her to follow in the footsteps of her father and grandfather – both barbers – while attending high school. A scholarship for beauty school afforded her the opportunity to work her way through college. Touting a Bachelor of Science Degree from Colorado Christian University in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing and Finance, the Colorado native readily admits that she’s a “free spirit not meant for the corporate world.”

“Styling hair and designing headbands fits my personality and my lifestyle,” she said. “It’s rewarding to own my own business. Both businesses fulfill my need for versatility, creativity and freedom.”

Familiar with the art of taming her own long locks, Usher encourages wearing her hand-crafted halos as you “wander and explore the world in style to let your wild heart soar free.” Halos are named after the travel bug’s accomplished and desired adventures. For her, nothing is more exciting than “pedaling through Provence wearing a sundress, sandals and a Lavender Fields Halo.”

“With arms outstretched, run your fingers through lavender buds and let the scent calm your soul,” she said. “Crown your head in our Sunflower Field Halo and rise amongst the golden flowers in Tuscany.

“Cross the Sahara in style while wearing the Golden Dunes halo,” she continued. “Join the Touareg Nomads, known for their indigo head scarfs, for tea by the campfire. In the morning, the sun will call across the dunes for a new desert adventure.”

Usher delights in the idea of the pink crowd rocking the Netherlands during a music festival donning a Pink Pop Halo.

“Join the waves of pink music lovers and wrap your wild curls in this fuchsia-colored headband,” she said. “Dance with all your heart and sing out loud all weekend long to your favorite songs.”

Usher cold-calls boutique stores adamant to connect retail buyers with the quality of her product and the fuel of her enthusiasm.

“I do well in person,” she said. “It’s the most effective way for retailers to see my passion.”

The travel bug intends to create a potpourri of travel accessories and serve as a platform for artisans around the world to sell their products.

“My goal is to embellish and inspire adventures with colorful, efficient accessories and empower female artisans in underdeveloped countries,” she said.

Wild Hearts & Halos are and-made in “sunny San Diego.” One-size fits all. Custom orders – colors and sizes and Flower Crowns are also available. Sale proceeds are awarded to Kaia Charity, an organization that works to improve education and support local artisans in Uganda.

“Everyone loves the give back portion of Wild Hearts & Halos,” she said. “Sales help mothers support their children and provide food, shelter and education.”

Usher remains adamant about “following your passion and tuning into your unique strengths.”

“It’s the only way to truly live life to the fullest,” she said

Additional halos include the Wanderlust Festival which earmarks a spiritual journey through Whistler, Canada. The eco-friendly, double swath halo unites a “festival of colorful geometry with nature.” The Wanderlust Festival Halo encourages meditating, lake paddle board yoga and hiking through the cedar forest.

Koala Cuddles halos are emblematic of Brisbane’s Koala Sanctuary. The Aurora Borealis halo is designed with the energy and atmosphere of Iceland highlighting the fabric’s rays of green, violet, and red. Floating Lanterns Halos showcase periwinkle dots over a solid navy-blue background “giving a nod towards Thailand’s Yi Peng Floating Lanterns Festival.

“Show off your topknot this summer with our Deep Blue Halo” concluded Usher. “Made up of the bluest blues, cyan and speckled sapphire, this headband mirrors the beauty of Belize’s Deep Blue Hole. Strap on your fins and follow in the footsteps of Jacques Cousteau as you dive into the sinkholes clear blue depths.”

Halos are sold in local boutiques, Liberty Station Bazaar and at
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