Rapist, who assaulted 12 women in Pacific Beach and Mission Beach in 1980s, released from prison
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Blue tinted monotone image of a gavel and scales of justice
Blue tinted monotone image of a gavel and scales of justice
People reacted angrily in court Oct. 12 after a judge ordered the conditional release of the 1980s “Bolder Than Most” rapist to a house in Jacumba Hot Springs.

The courtroom was filled with people opposed to the release of Alvin Ray Quarles, now 56, who sexually assaulted 12 women in Pacific Beach, Mission Bay Park, Old Town, National City, and elsewhere from 1985-1988.

Quarles will be released to 24-hour supervision by Liberty Healthcare Corporation on or about Nov. 23 to a house surrounded by a chain-link fence on a dirt road.

“How can you allow that to happen?” asked a woman angrily to San Diego Superior Court Judge David Gill following his ruling in a three-hour hearing.

“It’s not right,” yelled another woman.

“The system has let her down,” said Bob Meehan, the brother of Mary Taylor who testified in the hearing that Quarles had raped her in 1988.

“That night happened 30 years ago and I can feel like it happened last night,” said Taylor before the ruling.

Taylor said her whole life changed that night and she became fearful to be out in public. She recalled Quarles broke into her Mission Hills home “with a knife in his hand and he said he would kill me and my roommate.”

“If another young woman’s life changes, turns left, in the middle of the night like mine did, I’ll be devastated,” said Taylor to the judge.

“So will I,” replied Gill. “So will I.”

Gill said that Quarles had served 25 years of his 50-year term handed down in 1989 under a former law that gave him credit for half his sentence. Quarles is currently housed as a sexually violent predator (SVP) in the state psychiatric hospital in Coalinga and not present in court.

Gill said Quarles met the criteria for conditional release and had completed most of the mental health program. He has been diagnosed with sadism, voyeurism, and anti-social personal disorder, according to the District Attorney’s office.

“The conditions are very rigorous,” said Gill, adding that Quarles will be with security personnel at all times.

Gill said he won’t be permitted to leave the house without personnel and cannot drink alcohol. He will wear a GPS device at all times, said Gill.

Quarles pleaded guilty to committing four rapes at knifepoint, two robberies, and six burglaries. He sexually assaulted women while their boyfriends or husbands were also in the residence.

A judge dismissed 50 similar charges after he pleaded guilty to 12 charges. He would have faced 200 years in prison had he been convicted of all 62 counts.

“He’s served the maximum sentence under the (1989) law,” said J. David Forester, regional coordinator for Liberty Healthcare.

Taylor said the prosecutor told her in 1989 that “50 means 50” years and was horrified to learn in 2013 that his term was ending.

Deputy District Attorney Jessica Soto said her office opposed his release, but agreed that a conditional release with supervision is better than outright release without any conditions.

Gill said he would not release Quarles without supervision by Liberty Healthcare.

County Supervisor Dianne Jacob wrote a letter to Gill protesting the proposed release, saying that Quarles should be housed in a trailer off prison grounds.

This was attempted decades ago, but the trailer is no longer habitable, said Gill. The California Department of Corrections is opposed to placing another trailer on its grounds, said Gill.

“She(Jacob) knows of that history, as I do,” said Gill.

Gill, 84, is one of the longest serving judges in county history and has been on the bench almost 44 years, he said during the hearing.

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Larson T
November 13, 2018
Judge David Gill may be the longest running judge but is time for him to retire, him making this type of decision about a sexually violent predator to be released into our community is a disgrace, he told the victims what they had to say was irrelevant, the doctors have said he is not ready to be released his been diagnosed with sexual saitisym disorder he raped over 25 women and still fantasizes about it and this judge wants to release him into our Community!
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