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In August, what had been a cul-de-sac celebration until last year became the neighborhood annual Ice Cream Social. Approximately 130 children and adults enjoyed delicious self-constructed ice-cream sundaes. Ingredients for the tasty concoctions were supplied by those participating. Needless to say, a good time was had by all. Preparations are currently under way for our Progressive Dinner on Sept. 28. This tradition has been enjoyed by College View Estates residents for more than 25 years.

For the past year, College View Estates has been undergoing major infrastructure renewal and improvement. For many months, workers were trenching our streets in order to place the electricity and communication cables underground. Currently, everyone has been connected to the underground power source. The telephone poles were shortened after the power was connected underground.

The communication companies continue to pull their cables. AT&T and Cox trucks are roving the neighborhood. When they are finished, the telephone poles will be removed entirely. In addition, new streetlights have been installed including mid-block lighting.

A few days ago, trenching began to replace outdated sewer and water pipes. A worker reported the process would take six to eight months. The final touch will be resurfacing of the streets. We look forward to celebrating the completion of this much needed infrastructure update and the return of relative quiet to our neighborhood.

As the city works to replace and improve our infrastructure, it might be a good time to take a stroll around your own property and see what needs replacing, improving, repainting, etc. We live in such a wonderful community, but it takes an effort by everyone to maintain it. As you drive or walk by your house, a good question to ask might be, “Would I be interested in living next door to this house if I was buying a new home?”

We continue to celebrate First Friday in College View Estates. The event moves around the neighborhood and different neighbors sign up to host. We gather in their driveway or yard for a very informal social. People bring snacks and beverages to share, meet their neighbors and share the latest news. This event has been going on monthly for about eight years. If you haven’t been to one, consider joining us Oct. 4 at 5111 Bixel Drive. You’ll be welcome.

The following are two examples of what I call “acts of extreme good neighborliness. For a number of years, on one Sunday a month, early in the morning, I see three or four couples picking up trash on Fairmont as I turn onto Montezuma. Recently, I have noticed an elderly man cutting down weeds along Montezuma on the south side of the road from Colwell down to Fairmont. A guardrail runs along the side of the road and a fence along the canyon, both entangled in weeds. 

Some people would see the trash and weeds and say, “It’s the city’s job,” and keep going. Yet others ask, alone or with friends, “Why don’t we take care of this?” and then do. These volunteers go above and beyond picking up trash in front of their own house or cutting down their own weeds. They make the area better for all of us. Whoever you are, I salute you!


Patrick Hanson is president of the College View Estates Association. 





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