Obituary: Point Loma community activist Jarvis Ross, 89
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Peninsulans reacted to the recent death of high-profile community activist Jarvis Ross, 89.

A 20-plus-year Point Loma resident, the retired Ross had been an engineering assistant for Underwriters Laboratories, a global safety certification company testing fire protection equipment headquartered in Northbrook, Ill. He also had been a licensed real estate agent in Illinois.

Ross had been a member and past president of the Peninsula Community Planning Board, serving since 2000. He also had been a liaison between PCPB and The Midway-Pacific Highway Community Plan Group.

A sergeant in the U.S. Army, Ross was also a Kiwanis Club president as well as being chairman of the Architectural Committee of Loma Riviera Community Association 265 Unit HOA. Additionally, he had been a board member with the Save Our Heritage Organization.

Ross was an outspoken proponent of historical structures and maintaining the Peninsula’s current population density. He also espoused a community plan update and representation of the northern part of the Peninsula.

“I appreciated Jarvis's dedication to the community and our Peninsula,” said PCPB member Margaret Virissimo. “Not only would Jarvis attend PCPB meetings, he was also committed to Midway too. The one thing I remember about Jarvis is that he held the planning group board members accountable to make sure we were doing our jobs to protect the community. Whether he agreed with our decisions or not, he attended all board meetings to provide his feedback and opinions, and after the meetings, he would pull us aside to have conversations about our community to make certain we understood his thoughts. To me, that takes courage, heart, and dedication and was what was most admirable about Mr. Jarvis Ross. He will be very much missed in our community. I appreciated his comments, expertise and heartfelt advice since the first day I joined PCPB.”

“My strongest admiration for Jarvis was that he spoke freely, and he spoke frequently, for or against any number of items of involvement in the Peninsula,” said current PCPB chair Roberty Goldyn. “He was strong-willed and adamant about his concerns. However, he always allowed for, permitted, and accepted other’s opinions to the contrary without any hostility or debate. Jarvis was a voice to be heard, a voice of reason, and a voice of deep concern, respect, and care for the Peninsula community. His presence will be missed.”

Robert Tripp Jackson, PCPB member and past president of the Point Loma Association, will remember Ross as a tireless community advocate.

“Jarvis was an outspoken community leader for almost 20 years,” said Tripp Jackson. “He was very mindful of overdevelopment, and had true concern for his community … one of the few that took his time to address the City Council during public comment. If we only had 10 Jarvis Ross’s energy and dedication, it would be a tremendous impact. What I admired the most, though it was obvious Jarvis was slowing down, he never stopped representing the Peninsula.” 

Current PCPB board member Korla Eaquinta noted Jarvis served on numerous plan group committees including long-range planning and project review.

“I have been involved over six years and Jarvis was always present during those years,” Eaquinta said noting Ross was a regular attendee at City Council meetings, which he would report on to the board at PCPB meetings.  

Of Ross, Eaquinta said, “He was a community advocate, an intelligent, articulate, dedicated, committed volunteer and a joy to work with. Jarvis wanted Coastal Commissioners to be elected rather than appointed. Also, when discussing density and development, he would always ask, “Where are they going to get the water?”

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