San Diego named most beautiful city… again!
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Beautiful sunset at the Arch at Sunset Cliffs. / Photo by Thomas Melville
Beautiful sunset at the Arch at Sunset Cliffs. / Photo by Thomas Melville
From the best surf town to the best city for coffee fanatics, San Diego has been listed as a favorite more than a dozen times by publications such as Surfer Magazine, Culture Trip, Best Cities, and SmartAsset. In October, San Diego was once again featured in the spotlight during the Flight Network’s The World’s 50 Most Beautiful Cities campaign, ranking at No. 22, ahead of Madrid, Athens, and Jerusalem.

“It’s certainly not the first time we’ve gotten recognition from editorial media or travel sites or even public opinion polls,” said Candice Eley, director of communications at San Diego Tourism Authority. “I think it’s pretty clear from anyone who lives here, that’s part of why we live here — the amazing landscapes, how diverse the city is, how you can go from the beach to the desert foothills in the span of an hour.”

According to the Tourism Authority, visitors passing through San Diego spend roughly $11.5 billion every year. That amount of cash might make sense since the city also hosts 35.8 million visitors annually. Jam-packed to the brim with seaside taco shops (and trucks), breweries and beaches — not to mention the ample wine country hot-spots and historic towns — San Diego’s daytime and nighttime activities are virtually endless.

“Something we also hear a lot from visitors is how clean our city is,” said Eley, who has lived in San Diego since 2004. “For the size of a major U.S. city, it can be really a really surprising thing to visitors how nice the streets and buildings are. I think that, plus how culturally dynamic our city is, helps a lot with our reputation.”

The Flight Network, which asked the opinions of more than 1,000 travel writers, travel bloggers and travel agencies from all around the globe, raved about historic Balboa Park, home to “several different museums (as well as the famous San Diego Zoo) and tons of green spaces for biking, walking, or just frolicking around.”

Eley says that while San Diego has always been known for its beaches and margaritas, in the last few years it’s starting to be more recognized for its musical performing arts and culinary expertise.

“It’s something that’s been long overdue,” she said.

But despite being the eighth-largest city in the country, San Diego is a surprisingly cozy, coastal, laid-back, beach-goer paradise with ample fine dining and tourist attractions, from Little Italy to Old Town, to Gaslamp Quarter to La Jolla.

“That’s actually part of how we describe San Diego when we’re doing marketing promotions as a travel destination,” said Eley. “We talk about San Diego being a beach-city so it’s a combination of that easy-going, coastal, chill lifestyle vibe that you’d expect from a small-town beach destination, but it’s paired with great nightlife. It’s that combination that makes us special and unique.”

Flight Network’s The World’s 50 Most Beautiful Cities

1. Paris

2. New York

3. London

4. Venice

5. Vancouver

6. Barcelona

7. Cape Town

8. San Francisco

9. Sydney

10. Rome

11. Singapore

12. Lisbon

13. Amsterdam

14. Prague

15. Rio de Janeiro

16. Budapest

17. Istanbul

18. Tokyo

19. Vienna

20. Buenos Aires

21. Toronto

22. San Diego

23. Quebec City

24. Hong Kong

25. Chicago

26. Bruges

27. Madrid

28. Havana

29. Dubai

30. Jerusalem

31. Edinburgh

32. Quito

33. Zurich

34. Cusco

35. St. Petersburg

36. Berlin

37. Hanoi

38. Queenstown

39. San Miguel de Allende

40. Seoul

41. Dubrovnik

42. San Sebastian

43. Bangkok

44. Cartagena

45. Dublin

46. Marrakesh

47. Bergen

48. Jaipur

49. Beijing

50. Athens

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October 27, 2019
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Lisa Krause
October 23, 2019
Lawyer Seth: He'll either have to go crazy or come after you. In which case he'll still be completely insane.

Gildred Companies 153554/2017 The New York Supreme Court Takes Diplomatic Bullying to a new low in An out of court intent to harass and criminalize campaign to is covered up by an in-court frivolous disdained lawsuit designed to push Tom Gildred (Emerald Textiles - FMT Consulting Founder) wife's x-lover into a state of mental insanity?

The lesson here:

Rancho Santa Fe's Tom Gildred & Wife Carolina Gildred is wrong.

---------- Original Message ----------



Date: October 19, 2019 at 10:26 PM

Subject: Rancho Santa Fe's Tom Gildred & Wife Carolina Gildred is wrong.

Just stop for a while and think.

(This email is sent to the attention of executives William H. McWethy, Timothy Busch, Jennifer M. Fall Jung & others such as Cary Mack, Jaye Park, Primier Inc. Craig McKasson, Bob Scharaga).

How can a man or a friend construe an harassment campaign sufficient to destroy another man 3,000 miles away?

A harassment campaign so much that if that man were to leave his jurisdiction in which the harassment is carried out, or travel into another state or travel to San Diego? Then Tom Gildred will then call an order to utterly wipe that man from existence and expect not to be held accountable for doing so.

Michael Foster is a vibrant young entrepreneur - One who's honest. He Had been consistent on a progressive growth until Thompson Gildred and Wife Carolina Gildred sort it was too much of a public admission to accept a few months of extra-marital affair between wife Carolina Gildred and the young man Foster was too much a pill for Tom Gildred to swallow and just, LET - IT - Go!

Michael was taken for a ride by Tom's wife Carolina who seduced him with gifts, a 3-4 of 1st class airfare round trips, some luxury hotels stays in San Diego and Yes a fund time making Love to each other all under the guise of dance. When the Shit hit the fan (Michael was not nearly the love maniac wife Carolina Hope he's turned out to be) She carefully turned on him and Thompson Gildred was only too happy to cater for her every Need

What first turned out to be a joke in an effort to test Michael's resistance instead lead into and embarrassing moment for Tom's wife Carolina Gildred and worse Tom Gildred.

Thompson and wife Carolina Gildred suddenly realized it was too difficult to recant the detail of their personal matrimonial issues - some of which Thompson Gildred himself found out by the various emotional tantrums expressed by Michael Foster in a number of Video Messages (off all Places) made available on YouTube.

Instead of constructing a sit down with Michael Foster Thompson and WIfe began a plan with their attorney, which lead to another plan with their present attorney Seth A. Rafkin, which lead the Gildred San Diego Couple to introduce continually multiple layers of carefully calculated mental character accounts in hopes to paint a picture of Michael Foster as a Complete Mad Man. Fast-Forward 3.5 years and this is where They are Today.

Michael Foster have spent 90% of his adult life developing his 3-Fold career of entrepreneurial skills as a Social iCon, a skillful Technician and a Profound IA (Intellectual Artist) Specialist. In his inventions he have created a number of US-Trademarks i.e "IA" is another term for Modern Art Meets Technology. Michael's artistic designs in IA derives from his digital interpretation (Translation for a better word) of Form and Expressions in the Physical Human Anatomy. Which is the transformations of the basic dynamics (Syncopation) of Technique & Balance found in various types of Dancing Styles.

The results are various extremes of "Body Languages" (Michael says; "Its not just muscle memory - It is a life form of interpretations which can speak louder than voices").

This all came to a stand-still because of an affair and Tom Gildred's fear that too many of his business associates will see him as a complete looser if he'd allow a man into his house invited by his wife and could not determine she could (merely) had been cheating on him.


Tom Gildred convinced himself, that he had the apparatus in place to get away with the ultimate destruction of a man for the sole purpose; (His court documents says) "Michael convince wife Carolina Gildred to fly him out to CA to teach herself and a group of friends how to tango". But the only fact according to some text messages between wife and foster is at best: Michael's mistake was to be a better lover than husband Tom Gildred or so Michael must have thought. Nonetheless! This was "3' years ago.

The question is,

Do you? Will you allow Tom Gildred to get away with this? and if you do? How do you account for yourselves, as a friend of Tom, a business associates, an employee, a staff of Tom's Company. What could you say to your children or the colleagues at FMT Consultant, business and associates over a round of golf? NOTHING? That its merely a concern? Will you become numb? Will you say nothing because its all because of business connections?

That it doesn't matter so long as it doesn't directly affect the benefits of doing business between you and Tom Gildred?

What matters to you is only a profitable relationship - how one hand scratches the backs of another in business networking is all that counts?

Will you draw reference to So much as a vein of Integrity? Will you say after 3.5 years of nonsense its a cause for pause?

Would you agree that its OK for Tom Gildred, an obtuse Lawyer and wife Carolina Gildred to travel to NYC and on 2 separate days make themselves conveniently available for a physical confrontation with Michael Foster in the streets of NYC?( How Big a city is New York that any San Diegan let alone himself his wife and an attorney could land themselves proactively on the same streets of a Lunatic from New York so much as they did not fear but instead had their attorney Seth Rafkin swapped out a camera and video take an another preemptive incident in hopes of a physical altercation?).

Among many things and at many times in many, many ways Michael have again apologize for the affair between Mrs Gildred and himself, but the spilling over of Tom Gildred's Adult Mental Affluenzas (Which Michael is not a psychiatrist but..)aren't it an issue nearly holding closeness to most of yourselves, ourselves and our neighboring friends, business associates or golf club buddies and families that something is grossly wrong here and if allowed to be continued could and possible might be too late to consult with our friend Tom Gildred?

Maybe it could be ok for Tom Gildred to murder anyone in public also?

We are all accountable and we cannot continue act as if it is not a fundamental concern.

The truth is...

Michael Foster NEVER at any time sort to deserve Tom Gildred and his wife Carolina Gildred's lengthy attacks upon his character, his personality and his everyday life was attacked and disrupted for no fault of his 3,000 miles away in New York City.

To this day Michael Foster have not used an expletive to describe his grieve (Instead) he simply continues to apologize for and behalf of Tom Gildred and wife Carolina Gildred.

Can we encourage Tom and Wife to take some responsibility finally? Isn't there more of especially a true and genuine friend to Tom Gildred's Wife Carolina Gildred there is to see in Michael Foster? Even attorney Seth Alan Rafkin could not respond to the senior administrative Judge of The New York Supreme Court in a hearing on September 18Th 2019 of "WHAT DO YOU WANT?" and "CAN YOU STATE WHAT SPECIFICALLY IS THERE IN A WEBSITE THAT IS DEFAMATION TO YOUR CLIENT?".

"3" years ago was JUST that a time when any woman (Let alone) the wife of Tom Gildred needed a friend and however unfortunate A Passionate Lover - it could have been a tennis coach, a business associate, a pool-man or a landscaper. But it was with a friend of whom she's known for 15 years.

Tom's vindictive harassment campaigns includes Michael Foster's character defamation (Paid for News Post Mass Publications in NY & CA). Launch campaigns through connections know to his wife and Michael Foster, (Tom) launched campaigns of Paid For Hire Informants (personal, social & business) to become associates of Michael with deceitful intent, (Tom) & (Wife) use both their own NYC friends and those easily persuaded friends of Michael Foster to influence stress in social, domestic, personal, health and business dealings associated with Michael's everyday life. Tom used (wife) to extract details from personal emails, text messages and phone conversations in which to acquire Michael's personal information, contacts and even access to Michael's Social Security number and records. Tom Gildred tried to extort Michael's intellectual property by threatening web hosting companies (to shut his server down) and (for publishing videos of himself and wife).

Michael is a young entrepreneur and artists who have suffered overwhelmingly throughout the last 3.5 years because of Tom Gildred's selfish ego and for telling TOM that he's a fraud of an entrepreneur.

Tom Gildred and Wife Carolina Gildred is wrong.

Tom Gildred's hopes of an inept matrimonial conclusion at the expense of our ignorance is too much to accept or just sit by and pretend it does not concern anyone because it does.

The common fact still remains: (Michael Foster - Carolina Gildred) They's both had Sex and That is a fact too much of a pill to swallow (Though Deserving) of Mr. Tom Gildred.

Instead: Tom Gildred? He's willing to dramatized an exponential Lawsuit 3,000 miles away which he concocted preemptively as a form of defamation against his wife for lying about SEX and his insidious accusations of Michael Foster's intent was an attempt to extort monies from Tom Gildred and his wife is the most disgusting excuse for a man who is bent on living a lie. As a friend or family or business associate you have the civic right not to join with Tom Gildred in his fictitious claims against an innocent, honest young man from New York City.

"Money maybe no object" so long as it depletes the truth for Tom Gildred and (her words) Trophy wife Carolina Gildred. But friendship, Family and integrity is. (We can and We Will make a difference - because money and the networking of Tom Gildred for profit is not everything).

Or? Is that a fact? The irony is, are you in support of Tom Gildred? In a case of wickedness and drama 3,000 miles away? Because you can agree if that's Tom Gildred and his wife Carolina Gildred's fascists then so let it be? Then its their drama? Then you too have been used to as a part of the troops of innocuous relativity on Tom Gildred and Wife Carolina Gildred's side.

Why? Because Tom Gildred is the only one he wants you, and me and the world not to hold accountable - The shame have nothing to do with Tom Gildred's wife. It is all Tom Gildred and that is the reason why Tom Gildred's Lawsuit only mentions Tom Gildred as a witness. Tom Gildred's Lawsuit asserts his wife Carolina Gildred as an "Individual". Tom Gildred's exit strategy is simply as "Push will come to Shiv" That to him? Wife Carolina Gildred only needs to admit in all eventuality that She is basically insane and suffers from whatever relative mental insanity description Tom Gildred, Tom Gildred's Wife Carolina Gildred and their PAID FOR Hire business associate San Diego Psychiatrists Determines as a rightful mental Diagnostic - and So everyone lives happily ever after.

Tom Gildred's (So Said) Wife Carolina Gildred's Attorney in the most recent New York City Supreme Court Appearance (Where Tom, his wife and Attorney Seth Alan Rafkin appeared)., held on September, 18 2019 stated before her honorable Judge Kaplan (Chan) that If you are a friend to Tom Gildred, I encourage you to tell him to STOP His NONSENSE and get on with his life.

The transcript of Gildred v Foster can be found at any of the websites Tom Gildred claims to have been launch to defame his and his wife's character.

What does Michael Foster Wants? Michael Foster Wants Mr. Tom Gildred of Rancho Santa Fe to understand 1st that he's sorry for his matrimonial grief. 2nd for the waste of Money he's spend on lawyers, pay-per writers and many the Michael's friends in NYC who'd used Tom's defamation rhetoric to harass Foster during during Tom Gildred's harassment campaign and for the money Tom Gildred needs to pay for the lengthy harassment campaign. Then Michael Foster would like to forget about Tom Gildred and wife Carolina Gildred for a long time.

Michael's cost expenses includes:

1. Legal Cost that equates ($750 per hr) to learning enough law to represent himself against Seth A. rafkin Esq.

2. Work Load Time multiplied by 2 for lost of income (7 hours Daily $125 per hr) for the last 42 months.

3. Cost of Medical Supplies that equates per day $13 each day for the last 42 months

4. Punitive damages which equates to medical conditions that would have otherwise become less expensive (multiplied by market value) Dental $47,000.00 Medical includes mental and 2 operations $36,000.00 personal (condoms for hibernation) $1,800.00 each year and personal (Gentlemen's Club for Hibernation) $69,000.00 each year.

5. Breach of Contract (Carolina idea of DWM.Foundation, and DWM.Dance) a design for kids as her son Bryant with specialty need $33.00 per month includes email server management and breach of contract preemptive abstract to Tom Gildred's trademarking his name and other derivatives arousing to Tom Gildred's benefit on the whims of a frivolous Lawsuit 25% of all profits gains by any business associated or licensee under the name of Tom Gildred as an Executive, Consultant, Accountant, Board Member or active Partner. Tom Gildred means Carolina Gildred of which represents 50% of asset license under Tom Gildred of which an additional 10% must be paid for breach of Contract in the interim of lost of time and proprietary interest in each of the above named/names businesses.

6. Breach of Contract (Constitution of Fraud and Theft of Intellectual Property) cause access to Michael's servers because of passwords given to Carolina Gildred. Lost of & GetFesco,com both business network websites valued $3,300.00 per year for a combined 35 years and counting.

7. Miscellaneous {NYPD - Bills and bills associated with 911 emergency calls New York) undisclosed.

8. Other punitive Damages (Domestic) Lost of Rent Control Apartment due to Tom Gildred's Litigation and defamation possible pay per reports San Diego Reader and via Daily News and NEWYORKPOST April/17/2016 of which Michael's Landlord made copies and stocked on the building's elevator doors and inside of the elevator 1.2 Million Dollars.

9.Other punitive Damages: (personal) Fear, anxiety and reluctance to walk the streets at night because of an attack which included an attempt to fatally inflict damages by an attempt to bash & Crush the back of Michael Foster's head with a Metal and Glass Object suddenly from behind after a stalking Michael outside his apartment for 45 minutes.

10. A letter to certify that Mr. Tom Gildred and Wife Carolina Gildred will do public service to individuals in distress who have suffered from unresolved criminal acts of physical harm that have resulted in their physical lost of normal functionality in their physical anatomy. That this service would include 10 hours of service per month or the cost value that equates to Tom and Wife Carolina Gildred's Time donated to the specific Charity consistent with these services - let alone The Gildred Couple must adapt to the expediting of these services.

Michael Foster

President & CEO

Foster's Economical Services Co. Inc.,

d/b/a's Metro Commute Security International Webs: | | | webs: | |

Phones: 212-757-5626 cell: 917-720-7292/7192

CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE : .This e-mail and any attachments hereto, contains information which may be CONFIDENTIAL and/or legally PRIVILEGED. The information is intended to be for the use of the individual or entity named above.If you are not the intended recipient, please note that any unauthorized disclosure, copying, distribution or use of the information is prohibited. Such unauthorized use may be unlawful.If you have received this document in error, please notify the sender immediately.DESTROY ALL ELECTRONIC AND HARD COPIES of this communication, including attachments.
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