Experience plant-based, customized facial treatments at Neroli Skin & Lash
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Licensed esthetician Jasmine Drake of Neroli Skin and Lash.
Licensed esthetician Jasmine Drake of Neroli Skin and Lash.
Licensed esthetician Jasmine Drake of Neroli Skin and Lash tackles everyone’s skin-care and eyelash needs at her organic Pacific Beach wellness studio.

“The products I use are from an organic plant-based, all-natural skincare line based in Hungary,” said Drake, whose studio is at 4970 Cass St. “All my products and services are free from harsh chemical and preservatives, and don’t contain synthetics or artificial fragrances. They really help heal the skin from within without being over-drying causing irritation, redness, etc.”

Drake treats both genders for numerous skin issues from “healing their acne to helping with their wrinkles or sun damage, a huge concern in sunny San Diego,” she said adding, “I see it every day. I can reverse the signs of sun damage and aging. I fully customize all my treatments: No two facials are alike.”

The esthetician uses a variety of skin treatments including microdermabrasion (exfoliation), and a pumpkin enzyme treatment for brightening dark spots.

Acne is one of Drake’s most common — and preferred —treatments. “I myself have suffered with acne in the past,” she said. “Those (faces) can be resurfaced. There are treatments out there that can help. I educate clients on how to correct what is already going on, and give them the tools and the treatments to really go home and help heal their skin from within, without being too harsh.”

Regarding wrinkles, Drake said, “As we age our skin ages and we lose moisture in our skin. So keeping hydrated, using the right products and really focusing in on your home-care routine is what you need to do.”

Drake has a lot of technology at her disposal.

“And we can combine the more holistic, organic approach with the mechanical exfoliation for microdermabrasion and other tools and equipment, like my oxygen machine, which just work best together and get the best results,” she said.

Drake gave an example of one client’s skin condition that she’s treating, a lady in her early 30s who just had a baby.

“Her hormones have created this break-out situation on her skin along her chin, jawline, and neck,” Drake said. “She has horrible acne for the first time in her life. So what we’re doing is a series of (chemical) peels on her skin. They’re starting to heal and there aren’t as many anymore after just two sessions.”

Drake never dreamed of being an esthetician. She originally studied tourism and event management before falling in love with skincare and switching careers to initially become a medical spa coordinator. 

Asked what people can do at home to take better care of their skin, Drake replied, “The number one most important product for men and women of all ages is sunscreen. You must wear sunscreen every single day. UV rays can penetrate through clouds through glass.

“I see a lot of left-sided sun damage from people who spend a lot of time driving cars. Invest in a great sunscreen that you like the feel, texture, and smell of, and that you can wear every single day. You also should cleanse your skin twice a day."

Neroli Skin & Lash

Where: 4970 Cass St.

Info: neroliskinandlash.com, 703-618-0708.
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