3D pop-up art show sets stage in La Jolla Cove
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Randy Lane and Diane Brunner’s "theartoftheartoftheart" pop-up show recently debuted at Scripps Park. COURTESY PHOTO
Randy Lane and Diane Brunner’s "theartoftheartoftheart" pop-up show recently debuted at Scripps Park. COURTESY PHOTO

Randy Lane and artist Diane Brunner recently started a new project called "theartoftheartoftheart" that’s popping up at various public venues around San Diego, including La Jolla Cove. 

The purpose is to showcase Brunner’s 3D art, along with the work of other select artists, craftspeople and musicians. The pop-up shows, free and open to the public, have thus far been exhibited both in Little Italy and Scripps Park in La Jolla Cove. Lane said their pop-ups are different from what you might expect.

“We pop up at public spaces, parks and farmers markets,” he said adding, “We sometimes have had guests that pop up with us.”

“I do 3D art,” noted Brunner. “I have different [art] pieces and we switch them out.”

Sometimes, the pair said, their pop-ups involve a light show of sorts using flashlights to attract guests.

Brunner said their pop-ups are frequently impromptu, advertised beforehand on Instagram social media. 

"What we do is we say, within the week, we will be showing up,” she said, adding their show is housed under a blue tent for easy identification. She added they have another pop-up planned for Sunday, Dec. 15, in Scripps Park at La Jolla Cove near the lifeguard lookout tower.

“In some form or another, we’ve been doing this for 10 years,” said Lane. “We’ve zeroed in on integrating the art, the music and the video. This is an ongoing program. We’ve always been open to playing shows, and showing art, at the same time.” 

“On our fundraising page, we are trying to get the funds to continue our work,” said Brunner.

Brunner and Lane have set up a GoFundMe page titled “theartoftheartoftheart” with a $25,000 goal. 

“We are bringing art and music to the people,” states Brunner and Lane’s GoFundMe page. “We also plan to include inspiring artists, craftsmen, and musicians in our videos and images. We are supported solely by people like you.” 

The pair said funds raised will: buy gas for traveling to and from shows; buy and make promotional materials (signs, fliers, business cards, magnets, stickers); buy flashlights and batteries for nighttime shows; buy art supplies for creating new work; and help purchase a van to replace their current van which has more than 200,000 miles on it.

Learn more about the pop-up project and the fundraising campaign by visiting gofundme.com/f/theartoftheartoftheart.

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