Flowers of Point Loma still blooms after 35 years
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Flowers of Point Loma at 2170 Chatsworth Blvd. is celebrating 35 years.
Flowers of Point Loma at 2170 Chatsworth Blvd. is celebrating 35 years.
The full-service florist shop now owned by Penn Bryan has lasted 35 years in Point Loma by customizing its business to meet its customers’ needs.

“We were looking to find a flower stand to start out, and saw that the flower shop on the corner was up for sale,” said Bryan of how she and her husband acquired the business, Flowers of Point Loma, now at 2170 Chatsworth Blvd., from a retiring brother-sister team who’d had it since 1985.

“I found my niche doing things that people wanted,” noted Bryan. “No other flower shops do what we do here.”

The previous owners stayed with the Bryans for a year to help transition them into the floral business. That was good, added Penn, pointing out she had no previous experience with flowers.

“I wanted to have kids and take them where I work,” Bryan said. “My daughter grew up in this flower shop.”

Bryan fulfills her customer’s expectations, whatever they are. 

“They can make up their own bouquets or we can make it for them,” she said. “We’ve been here so long and people know our quality.”

The florist talked about her specialties.

“We are well known for our Hawaiian leis for all different types of occasions,” said Bryan. “But our real specialty is our funeral work, beautiful types, all custom made. We’ve also done flowers for the Portuguese parade every year since 1999.”

The florist pulled out scrapbooks of her creative work showing custom-made arrangements in the shape of football fields, rocket ships, cars and trucks, bicycles, soccer balls, surfboards, guitars and drums, playing cards, slot machines, champagne glasses, hummingbirds and alphabet letters.

Flowers of Point Loma averages a wedding a week.

Asked what she likes about being a florist, Bryan replied, “People. I love Point Loma/Ocean Beach because it’s such a small community, it reminds me of the small village in Thailand I came from. People here also support small-business, and we support the community. It just makes me feel at home.”

Flowers of Point Loma delivers arrangements throughout San Diego and offers same-day delivery for last-minute gift needs at no extra cost. The florist can also deliver quality flowers nationwide through a trusted florist network.

Bryan goes to the flower market in Carlsbad two or three times a week to refill her inventory. “They have wholesale up there,” she said.

In-between terms at college, Erica Bryan, discussing what it’s like to grow up in a florist shop said, “You learn how to be a people person very quickly. It teaches you to be a little more extroverted than normal. You get to know the community really quickly. Everyone notices you and it’s nice.”

What does Erica like most about the flower shop?

“Working with my mom, getting to see her do her work and helping her with it,” she said.

Flowers of Point Loma

Where: 2170 Chatsworth Blvd.

Info:, 619-223-3161.
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