Paragon Deli Cafe celebrates one-year anniversary
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The eggs Benedict plate at Paragon Deli Cafe.
The eggs Benedict plate at Paragon Deli Cafe.
Paragon Deli Cafe is celebrating its one-year anniversary at 2724 Shelter Island Drive.

“Business continues to grow as word gets out about our friendly efficient service and the quality of our food and our coffee drinks,” said deli owner Ron Miller, who’d previously been in financial management, but felt the calling of the restaurant business he’d been in as an SDSU student in the ’60s.

“The website, Next Door Point Loma, has been very beneficial to our business,” said Miller. “Every day we have one or two new customers tell us they read about us there.”  

Miller’s rating on restaurant/food apps remains high in the four-plus category.  

“We have adjusted our menu, expanding our breakfast to include French toast, egg plates any style, and we’ve had very favorable comments on our eggs Benedict plate,” he said. “A customer the other day said, ‘I’ve traveled all over the U.S. and the world and yours is the best eggs Benedict I’ve had.’ We’ve received similar comments on our New England-style clam chowder.”  

Paragon has also refined its lunch menu by dropping off less-popular items and adding other customers enjoy, like a Philly cheesesteak. 

“It’s become a favorite of many of our customers,” Miller said, adding, “We continue to get requests for expanding into the dinner hours. So I will be offering dinner on request, on-site, with a pre-determined dinner selection, with a party size of 6 minimum and 20 maximum.”

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