La Jolla gold coin investment advisor celebrates over 50 years of service
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For half a century, H.S. Perlin Co., Inc. of La Jolla has been the gold standard for investment advisors dealing in that rare and precious metal. 

“This is our 46th year on this corner, 51 years in La Jolla,” said Joel D. Perlin of his Gold Endures office at 1110 Silverado St. “I’m a precious metals dealer and a finance advisor using tangible assets.” 

And tangible is exactly what Perlin’s business name implies: Gold was $35 an ounce 50 years ago, $600 an ounce in 2007-08, and today is worth over $1,500 an ounce. 

Perlin noted that money, until the 20th century, was always based on something of value. “And that value historically, going back thousands of years, was precious metals,” he said.  

The first gold coins were produced in Lydia in western Turkey in the sixth century B.C. Those coins were made from electrum, a natural alloy of gold and silver found in the region's rivers. The introduction of these coins to the masses is said to have been by the Lydian King Croesus (561-547 BC). 

Noting he specializes in numismatics (study or collection of coins, paper currency and metals) of all sorts, Perlin said, “I have ancient coins, Spanish, European and American coins.”  

Perlin noted precious metals never lose their value. “One constant, for centuries, is the value of gold,” he said. “Gold is still treated as money internationally today, particularly by central banks throughout the world.”  

Perlin produces a gold coin dating back to Alexander the Great in 300 B.C. that is part of his exquisite collection. 

“What I do is assist people in diversifying their portfolios,” noted Perlin, a San Diego State University grad whose family was in the collectibles business, both coins and stamps. 

After 50 years, Perlin says he’s “still enthusiastic” about the precious metals trade in general, and gold in particular. Part of that is the reaction he gets from customers. 

“When I physically hand them the coins … they always smile, are always happy,” he said. “This is a business where people are always happy with their ownership of this asset.” 

Has the precious metals trade changed much over time? 

“It is more limited today because it’s not as fast as the internet … when they [clients] build a collection, it still takes time. It’s somewhat more challenging today to build those special collections.”  

Gold Endures clients are “people whofor the most partseek diversification or are avid collectors or collect estate jewelry which I have on our website as well as our eBay store, which is open 24/7 and we have coins and estate jewelry,” said Perlin.  

The gold trader said his clientele is multi-generational. “One of the nicest parts of having a personal-service business is relationships,” Perlin said. “Our service is tailored to the client. In some cases, I’m dealing with the third generation now.”  

Perlin talked about the allure of coins. 

“When you have a coin from Gettysburg, there is a story that comes with that,” he said citing an example. “If you have an American $20 gold piece, Teddy Roosevelt had an artist design that gold coin for America.” 

Concluded Perlin, “Coins are fun and pleasurable and over time, they are assets that appreciate.” 

Asked if there is an heir apparent to take over his trade when the time comes, Perlin said it’s unlikely it will be any of his three sons, one of whom, Micah, is running for the state Assembly 78th District seat.  

Gold Endures conducts business by appointment only. For more information, visit 

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