Kinetic learning for children at Kid Wonder in Ocean Beach
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Modeled on the popular American Ninja Warrior series, Kid Wonder is the first children’s gymnastics/obstacle course of its kind in San Diego.
Modeled on the popular American Ninja Warrior series, Kid Wonder is the first children’s gymnastics/obstacle course of its kind in San Diego.
Kids have so much fun at Kid Wonder, a phenomenal new juvenile play/exercise space off Sunset Cliffs Boulevard, that they can mentally morph into their favorite superheroes.

Hence the name of the recently opened business created by Kimberly Bryant, a new mom, and Olympic diver, at 4735 Point Loma Ave.

Modeled on the popular American Ninja Warrior series, Kid Wonder is the first children’s gymnastics/obstacle course of its kind in San Diego.

“I went to college for early education and my husband and I are both athletes, so a huge part of our lives has been spent in gyms training,” said Bryant of the inspiration behind Kid Wonder.

Noting her idea was to find a way to make the gym experience more attractive and less work for kids, Bryant said, “It’s more of a race and more fun, you’re not being judged just on the clock. We’re a kinetic learning academy, so my idea behind it was to change the way preschoolers and other kids learn and give them a challenge, an obstacle to overcome while they’re learning their colors and numbers, and about their bodies and spatial awareness.”

Kinetic is a learning style where children engage in physical activities involving whole-body movement to process new and difficult information. Kinetic learning allows children to actively grow their confidence while exploring new and fun activities. It aids in helping them to develop memory skills and management strategies.

Bryant noted Kid Wonder is also good for kids with behavioral issues. “Instead of giving them drugs, send them to a gym like this to get their exercise,” she said. “It teaches them to focus if they have a goal or challenge.”

On a recent weeknight around dinnertime, moms and kids of all ages piled into Kid Wonder with one objective, play, in mind. Soon, kids were sliding into foam squares, jumping onto a trampoline, swinging on swings and negotiating kid-friendly obstacle courses in the play-safe indoor gym.

There are play and pay options at Kid Wonder. Parents can pay by the hour, the day of the month for numerous family-friendly play packages/events. Those include WonderTime pre-kindergarten prep, Mommy-N-Me play-along, the American Ninja Warrior program and gymnastics at various levels. There are also offerings for open gym time for members and non-members as well as birthday parties, kid camps, parents night out and drop-off packages for kids and toddlers.

There is a $65 registration fee for all programs. There is also a 20% military and sibling discount. Highly skilled and trained coaches and teachers provide children and parents the best possible care.

Kid Wonder’s first American Ninja Warrior Competition, that anyone can attend, will be April 4-5. At that time, kids can qualify for regional competitions in American Ninja Warrior to vie for a potential $60,000 in prize money.

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