Animal-rights activists to protest trophy hunting club event at Paradise Point
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Animal-rights activists during an earlier protest at Balboa Park.
Animal-rights activists during an earlier protest at Balboa Park.
Animal-rights activists are taking aim once more on hunting enthusiasts, intending to protest a March 7 fundraiser being held by the San Diego chapter of Safari Club International at Paradise Point Resort and Spa on Vacation Isle Park in Mission Bay.

Claiming on Next Door social media that SCI will be “auctioning for hunts of the world’s most iconic animals,” animal advocates said they would picket the event, and we're calling upon those sharing their perspective to “contact Paradise Point at [email protected] to voice outrage.”

SCI is a tax-deductible nonprofit with about 200 San Diego members advocating for the right to hunt, fish and participate in the shooting sports locally and internationally. The group’s website at claims it “does not participate in political activities,” while saying it spends the bulk of its income “on wildlife conservation, education, and humanitarian projects.”

“Paradise Point doesn’t have a direct affiliation with the Safari Club, nor is this group booking a reflection of Paradise Point’s views and beliefs,” responded the resort’s general manager, Michael Stephens. “Hotels are a place to accommodate the public, and Paradise Point does not discriminate against individuals or groups.”

Animal-rights activist Ellen Ericksen, a regular protesting against SeaWorld’s practice of keeping orcas in captivity, spoke against SCI and its mission.

“The Safari Club International promotes the senseless slaughter of wildlife for sport,” Ericksen said. “The most killed animals for trophies include elephants, lions, rhinos and leopards. What are the ethics of killing animals for sport? Trophy hunting is not conservation. It is unethical to cause the death of innocent animals. It causes pain and suffering for these animals.”

Added Ericksen, “We have no right taking the lives of these animals. Animals are on the brink of extinction. Some of these animals are bears, rhinos, wolves, leopards, jaguars, cheetahs, gorillas, orangutans, sea life, bird species, tigers and elephants. Protesting and education will continue to happen locally and globally until this abusive business of killing animals for money and for sport stops.” 

From its Washington, D.C. headquarters, People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals concurred with Ericksen.

“Reducing magnificent wild animals to corpses, gloating over the kills, and then claiming that it's all for ‘conservation’ is like killing some humans to try to solve homelessness – it's nasty, unethical and transparently absurd,” said Catie Cryar, senior PETA media liaison. “Humans have boundless opportunities for amusement, so it speaks volumes that trophy hunters only seem to get a thrill out of gunning down others who ask for nothing out of life but the chance to live it in peace.” 

After repeated attempts by Beach & Bay Press, Safari Club International and the National Rifle Association could not be reached for comment.

Hunting groups and organizations public and private are increasingly coming under fire from animal-rights advocates who insist that killing animals or keeping them in captivity and allegedly exploiting them commercially, is morally wrong. 

Some animal-rights activists, who have been protesting against SeaWorld’s confinement of marine mammals and their exhibition in live wildlife shows for years, are now calling upon an end to horse racing in Del Mar, pointing to the growing number of injured horses having to be euthanized. Some are also advocating an eventual end to zoos and aquariums, arguing there are other more humane ways of exhibiting animals, either by utilizing video or by keeping animals in “sanctuaries” where they can be seen by the public but are not confined against their will. 

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March 04, 2020
The ignorance of the protesters on the subject of hunting and conservation, especially in the western United States is appalling. However, there is a bright spot as more and more women are taking up hunting. The 2020 Colorado hunting guide features a young women of color on the cover.
Howard Williams
March 04, 2020
South African game farms cover 40 million acres and raise 16 million game animals for hunting and meat. Over 1 million animals are shot every year, producing 100,000 tons of red meat. 0.02% of those animals are taken by trophy hunters, and evwn those get eaten.

It is simply not true that the charisamatic animals are the most hunted - but they are the most used by animal rights to raise funds....
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