City Council to consider sale of Mission Valley land
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San Diego City Council President Georgette Gómez – with support from Mayor Kevin Faulconer and leadership of San Diego State University – has scheduled a special Council meeting to take action on the City of San Diego’s pending sale of 132 acres of land in Mission Valley to SDSU.


The meeting will take place at 10 a.m. Friday, May 29.


“As Council President, I am pleased to be able to call a special Council meeting on what will be a historic opportunity to transform one of San Diego’s communities. I have worked hard during the past few weeks to ensure the best chance for a successful agreement.” Gómez said. “As an SDSU graduate, I am elated to play a role in helping my alma mater expand its institutional footprint, enhance its educational prestige, increase our supply of workforce and student housing, and create a River Park for all San Diegans."


“It’s time for the Mission Valley stadium site to start its next chapter, and I applaud Council President Gómez for setting a special hearing next week so the City Council can cast a key vote in transferring this property from the City to San Diego State University,” Mayor Faulconer said. “The City and San Diego State University have devoted considerable attention to this, and it’s time to get this deal done and get it done right.”


“SDSU Mission Valley is critical to the future of our university and enables SDSU to expand its economic and educational impact in our region,” said SDSU President Adela de la Torre. “SDSU leadership worked diligently with the City over the past 18 months to reach a fair and balanced agreement that protects the public interests we both serve. We look forward to the Council’s consideration of this agreement and to making this project a reality.”


San Diego voters in November 2018 approved Measure G, setting in motion land-acquisition negotiations between the City of San Diego and SDSU. Under the resulting draft purchase and sale agreement, SDSU would construct, and operate an SDSU Mission Valley campus, including a 35,000-capacity stadium and innovation district to support SDSU’s education, research, entrepreneurial, technology, and athletics programs, as well as acres of parks, recreation, and open space; approximately 4,600 residences, 400 hotel rooms, 95,000 square feet of community-serving retail space; and enhanced use of the MTS Green Line Stadium Trolley Station and accommodation of the planned Purple Line.


In-person attendance at the special meeting is limited to City staff and members of the press. Members of the public may watch the meeting on Cox and Time-Warner Cable Channel 24 or AT&T Channel 99, or stream it online. The public may also participate by calling in and providing comment.

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